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  • 07-Jul-2022: Latest News from Denton Hall Stables the home of Michael Dods Racing
  • 05-Jul-2022: Wor Willie strides to easy success under Paul Mulrennan at Pontefract
  • 01-Jul-2022: Second career win for Alethiometer under Connor Beasley at Doncaster
  • 21-Jun-2022: Proud Archi makes it five course and distance wins at Beverley
  • 10-Jun-2022: York double for the yard as Northern Express defies topweight under Paul Mulrennan
  • 10-Jun-2022: Gale Force Maya makes it her 10th career win at York
  • 09-Jun-2022: Arch Moon bounces back to form with easy win under Connor Beasley at Haydock
  • 08-Jun-2022: Azure Blue impresses under Paul Mulrennan at Hamilton

Shear madness

Barney McGrew : Ex Racehorse enjoying retirement

Hello again everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a good week. Another nice winner for the yard with that Arch Moon. He’s another nice young ‘un – always respectful of his elders, and I like that. I can’t stand these uppity types.

There’s a bit of excitement around the place this weekend because that Dakota Gold is having his first run of the season at Doncaster tomorrow. Fancies himself a bit, does that one. Mind you, he did win five times last season so it’s probably fair enough. One of his wins was in a race called the Symphony Group Stakes at York. I won that 11 years ago – just saying.

Anyway, I’ve been having a nice time in my field with that Double D’s and Bouncing Bobby for company. We get on well enough, as long as they do as they’re told and nibble my back if I’ve got an itch. Those flies are a bloody menace and I can’t always reach.

The humans have stuck a few sheep in with me as well – stupid animals they are. Have you heard the noise they make? What a racket! I’ve tried to teach them how to neigh but they’re a bit thick. And have you seen them trying to run? I’m not being funny, but that Kenny Williams human can run faster than them!

Another human was sent in during the week, with a big loud buzzy thing, and gave the sheep a haircut. It made some of the female humans round here a bit jealous because they’ve been moaning like mad about not being able to get their hair done during this lockdown business. (Some of them are looking a bit tatty if you ask me).

The Carole human keeps me looking nice and trimmed but, as for the sheep, they look ridiculous now – all bald and skinny. What made me laugh was that it’s been really hot for ages and, as soon as they got sheared, the weather turned cold. You should have heard them bleating on – hilarious!

Getting back to racing, we’ve got Royal Ascot starting on Tuesday, although there are still no humans allowed. In some ways, I don’t think that’s a bad thing – some of the hats they wear are embarrassing, quite frankly. There was a female human one year wearing a big bowl of fruit on her head – I’d have chomped it off given half a chance.

To be honest, Ascot was always a bit too posh for me, with far too many southerners. Pretentious – that’s the word. York was much more to my liking.

Anyway, whatever’s your favourite track, enjoy the week and I look forward to catching up again soon.

All the best,

Barney McGrew : Ex Racehorse enjoying retirement