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  • 21-Jul-2024: Latest News from Denton Hall Stables the home of Michael Dods Racing
  • 19-Jul-2024: Educating Rita wins at Hamilton to make it two in a row
  • 17-Jul-2024: Abruzzo Mia strikes for Denton Hall Racing at Thirsk
  • 16-Jul-2024: Jack of Clubs show his hand with a win under Connor Beasley at Beverley
  • 03-Jul-2024: Ultra-consistent Langholm lands deserved win at Thirsk after five seconds this year
  • 23-Jun-2024: Azure Blue back to form in dead-heat thriller at Ayr under Paul Mulrennan
  • 18-Jun-2024: Educating Rita lands another victory for Elwick Stud at Catterick
  • 17-Jun-2024: Mayberry Moon wins on his debut at Carlisle for Elwick Stud
  • 08-Jun-2024: Welcome return to the winner's enclosure for Tatterstall as he wins comfortably under Daniel Muscutt at Catterick
  • 07-Jun-2024: 25 winners for the season as Lord Abama scores back-to-back wins at Thirsk
  • 03-Jun-2024: Boy Douglas lands Ayr handicap under Connor Beasley in Frank Lowe's colours

A Girl Named Ivy

3Y-O Grey Filly (Dark Angel x May Girl)

F. Lowe

Form & Entries

Abruzzo Mia

7Y-O Bay Gelding (Bated Breath x Serenata Mia)

Mrs H I S Calzini

Form & Entries

Another Bungle

2Y-O Chesnut Gelding (BungleInthejungle x Red Red Rose)

Mr I Davison

Ardad’s Girl

2Y-O Bay Filly (Ardad x Blades Girl)

Crown Select


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Kessaar x Never Lose)

Mr P Appleton & Mrs A Elliott

Form & Entries


5Y-O Bay Mare (Ardad x Eolith)

Dods Racing Club

Form & Entries

Azure Blue

5Y-O Grey Mare (El Kabeir x Sea of Dreams)

Mr P. Appleton and Mrs A. Elliott

Form & Entries

Bear Force One

8Y-O Bay Gelding (Swiss Spirit x Shesha Bear)

Joe Bear Racing

Billy No Mates

8Y-O Bay Gelding (Clodovil x Sabaidee)

Mr J Sagar & M Dods

Form & Entries

Boy Douglas

4Y-O Bay Gelding (New Bay x Lola Ridge)

Mr F. Lowe and M. Dods

Form & Entries

Brazilian Belle

2Y-O Bay Filly (Coulsy x Brazilian Breeze)

Dods Racing Club


7Y-O Bay Gelding (Granola x Mafki)

Mrs F Denniff

Form & Entries

Call Me Betty

2Y-O Bay Filly (Sands of Mali x Ariena)

Mr D Stone and Mrs C Dods


3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Starspangledbanner x Holley Shiftwell)

P. Appleton and Mrs Anne Elliott

Form & Entries


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Profitable x Peig)

J. Blackburn and partners

Form & Entries


7Y-O Bay Gelding (Clodovil x Eileenlilian)

Dunham Trading Ltd

Form & Entries


5Y-O Bay Horse (Aclaim x Onomatomania)

Mrs T Burns

Close Connection

3Y-O Grey Gelding (Cracksman x Too Familiar)

Ian Davison and Geoff Thompson

Form & Entries

Commanche Falls

7Y-O Brown Gelding (Lethal Force x Joyeaux)

Mr Doug Graham, Mr Ian Davison & Mr Alan Drysdale

Form & Entries

Count Palatine

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Profitable x Sovana)

Anne Elliott and M Dods

Form & Entries

Cuban Storm

3Y-O Grey Gelding (Havana Grey x Sunny York)

Sekura Group

Form & Entries

Dakota Gold

10Y-O Bay Gelding (Equiano x Joyeaux)

Mr Doug Graham, Mr Ian Davison & Mr Alan Drysdale

Form & Entries


6Y-O Bay Gelding (Lawman x Finagle)

Mr V. Spinks and Partner

Form & Entries


6Y-O Bay Gelding (Al Kazeem x It’s My Time)

Sekura Group & Mr J Burns

Form & Entries

Educating Rita

3Y-O Bay Filly (Belardo x Excel and Succeed)

Elwick Stud

Edward Cullen

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Twilight Son x First Eclipse)

Doug Graham and Damien Flynn

Form & Entries

Emeralds Pride

5Y-O Brown Mare (Pride of Dubai x Emeralds Spirit)

TA Scothern

Form & Entries

Emily Post

5Y-O Bay Mare (Charming Thought x Mary Read)

Mrs F. Denniff

Form & Entries

Eve's Boy

2Y-O Bay Gelding (Expert Eye x Girls Talk)

Mr Allan McLuckie

Fifty Sent

5Y-O Brown Gelding (Dabirsim x Sentaril)

C. Dods

Form & Entries


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Harry Angel x Fatanah)

CSK Services Ltd

Hale End

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Mehmas x Would It Matter)

Game On Racing

Form & Entries


6Y-O Chesnut Mare (Havana Gold x Bikini)

DJ Metcalfe & Md. Dods

Form & Entries


2Y-O Bay Colt (Land Force x Karen’s Caper)

Mr Michael Moses and Mr Terry Moses


2Y-O Bay Colt (BungleInthejungle x Hint of Red)

Mr D Stone and Mrs C Dods

Inspiring Speeches

3Y-O Chesnut Colt (Churchill x Vallambrosa)

D. Bardsley

Form & Entries

Jack of Clubs

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Equiano x Lavetta)

Mr J. Sagar & M. Dods

Form & Entries


5Y-O Bay Gelding (Gutaifan x Nidina)

Ursa Major Racing

Form & Entries

Keep The Gold

2Y-O Bay Gelding (Havana Gold x Keep the Secret)

Slaters Arms Racing 2024

King's Crown

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Starspangledbanner x Textured)

Mr D Stone

Form & Entries


8Y-O Bay Gelding (Dark Angel x Pindrop)

Dods Racing Club

Form & Entries

Lightning Galaxy

2Y-O Bay Colt (Lightning Spear x Stars in the Sky)

Denton Hall Racing

Lord Abama

5Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Profitable x Dancing Years)

P Blackett & J. Pratt

Form & Entries

Mali And Me

2Y-O Bay Filly (Sands of Mali x French Heroine)

Ursa Major Racing Ltd and M Dods


3Y-O Bay Filly (Elzaam x Mistress of Rome)

Mr D Stone

Marcello Si

6Y-O Bay Gelding (Marcel x Serenata)

Mrs H. Calzini

Form & Entries


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Caravaggio x Hand On Heart)

Dods Racing Club

Form & Entries


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Belardo x Victorious Secret)

Mrs CE Dods

Mayberry Moon

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Mondialiste x Seek The Moon)

Elwick Stud

Mecca's Duchess

3Y-O Grey Filly (Dark Angel x Faithful Duchess)

David Metcalfe

Form & Entries

Mecca's Symphony

2Y-O Gelding (Sergei Prokofiev x Anastazia)

Mr D Metcalfe and Whitsbury Manor Stud

Midnight Lir

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Prince of Lir x Kerineya)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form & Entries

Midnite Runner

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Kodi Bear x Top Row)

Michael Moses and Terry Moses

Form & Entries

Military Girl

2Y-O Bay Filly (Soldier’s Call x Betsy Trotter)

Mr W Arblaster


8Y-O Bay Gelding (Kingman x Shimah)

Victoria Greetham & Mr M Hyland

Form & Entries

Nelson Gay

6Y-O Bay Gelding (Mehmas x Rublevka Star)

J. Blackburn and Partners

Form & Entries

Northern Express

6Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Zoffany x Hint of A Tint)

Sekura Group

Form & Entries

Northern Ticker

2Y-O Bay Colt (Mehmas x Moment of Hope)

Sekura Group


2Y-O Bay Filly (Mayson x Antico Lady)

Antico Alliance

Odette's Beau

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Churchill x Intense Romance)

D. Stone, D.Neale & J. Sagar

Form & Entries


2Y-O Bay Filly (Mehmas x Granola)

Mrs F Denniff

Phoenix Fire

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Fast Company x Lydia Becker)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form & Entries

Pivotal Bear

3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Pivotal x Miss Marina Bay)

Mr Ron Watts

Pol Roger

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Churchill x Passegiata)

Mr J. Sagar

Form & Entries

Prairie Falcon

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Belardo x New Falcon)

Bearstone Stud Limited

Form & Entries

Roaring Ralph

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Roaring Lion x Seychelloise)

Mr Frank Lowe

Form & Entries

Rosie Grey

2Y-O Grey Filly (Havana Grey x Zaranayna)

Mr F Lowe


2Y-O Bay Gelding (Coulsty x Milly’s Secret)

Mr D Metcalfe and M Dods

Sinalunga Mia

5Y-O Bay Mare (Time Test x Serenata Mia)

Mrs HIS Calzini

Sparkling Red

4Y-O Bay Filly (Bungle Inthejungle x Hint of Red)

R. Saunders, G. Thompson, I. Davison

Form & Entries


8Y-O Bay Gelding (Dandy Man x Titian Queen)

Dods Racing Club

Form & Entries

Starlight Stanley

3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Territories x Passionada)

Mia Racing

Form & Entries


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Bungle Inthejungle x Nafa)

Mrs C. Dods & Mr D. Stone

Form & Entries


3Y-O Bay Filly (Churchill x Leoube)

TG Racing

Form & Entries

Taylormade Lad

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Gregorian x Limousine)

TG Racing


8Y-O Bay Gelding (Compton Place x Amirah)

Mr Foster Watson

Form & Entries

Unnamed Advertise – Twizzell 2YO Bay Colt

2Y-O Bay Colt (Advertise x Twizzell)

The Gorijeb Partnership

Unnamed Starspangledbanner – Ternifolia 2YO Chestnut Filly

2Y-O Chesnut Filly (Starspangledbanner x Ternifolia)

Mrs T Burns, Mr M Pearson and M Dods

War Memorial

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Mondialiste x Lady Poppy)

Elwick Stud

Form & Entries


8Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Dutch Art x Regal Silk)

Mr J Sagar and Dunham Trading Ltd

Form & Entries


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Bungle Inthejungle x Red Red Rose)

Thompson, Saunders, Drysdale, Davison

Form & Entries