Michael Dods : Racehorse Trainer

Horses In Training

  • 07-May-2021: Latest News from Denton Hall Stables the home of Michael Dods Racing
  • 07-May-2021: Cracking run by Pendleton to be beaten a nose at Ascot after a year on the sidelines
  • 26-Apr-2021: Commanche Falls stays on well to win at Ayr under Connor Beasley
  • 24-Apr-2021: Gale Force Maya and Paul Mulrennan make all to win at Doncaster
  • 13-Apr-2021: Gigi's Beach and Callum Rodriguez land Newcastle win for Denton Hall Racing members
  • 12-Apr-2021: A Boy Named Ivy makes it a Redcar double under a strong Paul Mulrennan drive
  • 12-Apr-2021: Diamondonthehill impresses under a confident Callum Rodriguez ride at Redcar
  • 05-Apr-2021: Danielsflyer makes it two in a row under a great ride from Connor Beasley at Redcar
  • 02-Apr-2021: Aidan Redpath gets off the mark on Havagomecca at Newcastle
  • 27-Mar-2021: Huge run by Brunch to be runner-up in the Lincoln Handicap at Doncaster
  • 02-Mar-2021: Danielsflyer gets up under Connor Beasley to win at Newcastle
  • 28-Jan-2021: Whittle Le Woods starts the 2021 ball rolling with gutsy win at Southwell under Paul Mulrennan

A Boy Named Ivy

3Y-O Grey Gelding (Markaz x St Athan)

Mr F. Lowe

Form + Entries

Act of Passion

2Y-O Bay Filly (Mondialiste x Silver Act)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull


2Y-O Bay Filly (Aclaim x Live Love Laugh)

Mr D. Stone and Mrs C. Dods


6Y-O Chesnut Mare (Bated Breath x Scarlet Royal)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form + Entries

Arch Moon

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Sea The Moon x Archduchess)

Mr Allan McLuckie & M Dods

Form + Entries


2Y-O Bay Gelding (Footstepsinthesand x Bayan Kasirga)

Bottom Liners

Azure Blue

2Y-O Grey Filly (El Kabeir x Sea of Dreams)

Mr P. Appleton and Mrs A. Elliott


2Y-O Bay Filly (Adaay x Cheeky Girl)

Dods Racing Club

Berry Edge

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Mukhadram x Amaany)

Elliott Brothers & Peacock

Form + Entries

Billy No Mates

5Y-O Bay Gelding (Clodovil x Sabaidee)

Mr J Sagar & M Dods

Form + Entries


6Y-O Bay Gelding (Excelebration x Da's Wish)

Game On Racing


3Y-O Bay Colt (Mayson x Hilldale)

David W. Armstrong

Form + Entries

Blowing Wind

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Markaz x Wojha)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form + Entries

Blue Honey

3Y-O Grey Filly (Fascinating Rock x Altruiste)

McCulloch Bloodstock Ltd

Form + Entries

Bold Territories

3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Territories x Amberley Heights)

TG Racing


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Granola x Mafki)

Mrs F Denniff

Form + Entries


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Garswood x Amary)

Mr V Spinks & Partner

Form + Entries


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Garswood x Heskin)

Mr David W. Armstrong

Form + Entries

Byron's Choice

6Y-O Bay Gelding (Poet's Voice x Byrony)

Mr Doug Graham & Mrs M Wynn-Williams

Form + Entries

Camacho Chief

6Y-O Bay Gelding (Camacho x Passage To India)

Mr Ian Davison & Mr Alan Drysdale

Form + Entries

Camacho King

2Y-O Bay Colt (Camacho x St Athan)

Mr F. Lowe


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Clodovil x Eileenlilian)

Dunham Trading Ltd

Form + Entries


2Y-O Bay Filly (Mehmas x Special Focus)

Mr D Stone & Mrs C Dods

Clarets Glory

2Y-O Bay Colt (Cotai Glory x Puddles)

Mr D. Bardsley & Mr M. Dods


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Mayson x Soapy Delight)

David W. Armstrong

Form + Entries

Commanche Falls

4Y-O Brown Gelding (Lethal Force x Joyeaux)

Mr Doug Graham, Mr Ian Davison & Mr Alan Drysdale

Form + Entries

Dakota Gold

7Y-O Bay Gelding (Equiano x Joyeaux)

Mr Doug Graham, Mr Ian Davison & Mr Alan Drysdale

Form + Entries

Dancin Boy

5Y-O Brown Gelding (Gregorian x La Gifted)

Mr R R D Saunders

Form + Entries


7Y-O Bay Gelding (Dandy Man x Warm Welcome)

Elliott Brothers & Peacock

Form + Entries

Diamond Haze

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Coulsty x Cannot Give)

Mr J Burns & M Dods

Form + Entries


3Y-O Bay Gelding (Al Kazeem x It’s My Time)

Sekura Group & Mr J Burns

Form + Entries

Dulla Bhatti

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Iffraaj x Brave Times)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull

First Greyed

3Y-O Grey Gelding (Gutaifan x Hidden Girl)

Gorijeb Partnership

Form + Entries

Fury Night

3Y-O Brown Gelding (Dragon Pulse x Highly Exclusive)

Mr J Blackburn

Gale Force Maya

5Y-O Chesnut Mare (Parabola x Galileo)

Mr Frank Lowe

Form + Entries

Get Knotted

9Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Windsor Knot x Genuinely)

Mr D Neale

Form + Entries

Gigi's Beach

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Oasis Dream x Clenor)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form + Entries

Global Context

2Y-O Bay Filly (Mondialiste x Out of Context)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull


3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Havana Gold x Bikini)

DJ Metcalfe & Md. Dods

Form + Entries

Hear Me Roar

3Y-O Bay Gelding (The Last Lion x Dutch Heiress)

Mr & Mrs P Appleton, Mrs Anne Elliott

Form + Entries


2Y-O Bay Filly (Invincible Spirit x Nepali Princess)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull


6Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Bahamian Bounty x Avenbury)

Sekura Group

Form + Entries


2Y-O Grey Gelding (Gutaifan x School Holidays)

Top House 4

John Kirkup

6Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Assertive x Bikini)

Mrs Suzanne Kirkup & Mr Kevin Kirkup

Form + Entries


4Y-O Bay Gelding (Motivator x Sea of Life)

Mr P Blackett


5Y-O Bay Gelding (Dark Angel x Pindrop)

Mrs CE Dods

Form + Entries

Louis The Warrior

3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Cityscape x Muara)

Mr W. Arblaster

Form + Entries


3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Equiano x Mosqueras Romance)

Mrs T Burns, Mr M D Pearson & M Dods

Form + Entries

Mecca's Diamond

3Y-O Grey Filly (Gregorian x Blue Bahia)

Mr D J Metcalfe

Mecca's Hot Steps

4Y-O Chesnut Filly (Hot Streak x Vintage Steps)

Mr D J Metcalfe & M Dods

Form + Entries

Modern World

2Y-O Bay Filly (Mondialiste x Brave Times)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull


5Y-O Bay Gelding (Kingman x Shimah)

Victoria Greetham & Mr M Hyland


9Y-O Bay Gelding (Invincible Spirit x Alshamatry)

Denton Hall Racing Ltd

Form + Entries

Navajo Spring

3Y-O Bay Filly (Charm Spring x Clifton Dancer)

Mr Doug Graham

Form + Entries

Neon City

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Territories x Alkadi)

J. Blackburn and M. Dods

Form + Entries

Northern Express

3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Zoffany x Hint of A Tint)

Sekura Group

Form + Entries

Nosey Rosie Posey

3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Power x Vicky Valentine)

Mr. F. Lowe

Pacha Prince

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Sir Prancealot x Fainleog)

Mrs C Dods

Form + Entries

Peerless Percy

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Sir Percy x Victoria Montoya)

Mr D Neale

Form + Entries


5Y-O Bay Gelding (Garswood x Anglezarke)

Mr David W Armstrong

Form + Entries


2Y-O Bay Filly (Acclamation x Jameerah)

Mrs S. Chappell

Proud Archi

7Y-O Bay Gelding (Archipenko x Baharah)

Eagle Racing

Form + Entries

Que Amoro

5Y-O Bay Mare (Es Que Love x Onomatomania)

Mr & Mrs P Appleton, Mrs Anne Elliott

Form + Entries

Red Warning

2Y-O Chesnut Colt (Bungleinthejungle x Red Red Rose)

Mr & Mrs G Thompson & Mr Ian Davison

Royal Context

4Y-O Bay Gelding (Acclamation x Out Of Context)

Exors of Mr G Turnbull

Form + Entries


3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Footstepsinthesand x Coppertop)

Mr David Richardson

Form + Entries


3Y-O Bay Filly (Acclamation x Scarborough)

Mr Andy Taylor

Form + Entries

Secret Eagle

3Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Pearl Secret x Piste)

Mrs C Dennis


2Y-O Grey Colt (Elzaam x Sesmen)

Mr I Bennett

Sin E Shekells

4Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Bated Breath x Meddling)

Mrs CE Dods

Form + Entries


5Y-O Bay Gelding (Dandy Man x Titian Queen)

Dods Racing Club

Three Hat Day

3Y-O Chesnut Filly (Helmet x Positivity)

Mrs F. Denniff

Form + Entries

Time For a Good Un

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Adaay x Anna Barkova)

Mr Foster Watson & Mr Barry Watson

Form + Entries


4Y-O Grey Gelding (Poet's Voice x Eastern Destiny)

Mr J Sagar & Mr S Lowthian

Form + Entries

Twilight Falls

2Y-O Bay Filly (Twilight Son x Aunt Nicola)

Bearstone Stud

Twist of Hay

4Y-O Bay Filly (Showcasing x Spinatrix)

Mr J A Knox & Mrs M A Knox

Form + Entries

Unnamed Bazen Beau x Hill Welcome

2Y-O Bay Filly (Bazen Beau x Hill Welcome)

Mrs F Denniff

Unnamed Dandy Man x Serafina Sunset

2Y-O Bay Filly (Dandy Man x Serafina Sunset)

No Owner

Unnamed Equiano x The Wee Barra

2Y-O Bay Gelding (Equiano x The Wee Barra)

Slaters Arms Racing Club

Unnamed Holy Roman Emperor x Light Glass

2Y-O Bay Filly (Holy Roman Emperor x Light Glass)

No owner

Unnamed Mayson x Hilldale

2Y-O Bay Filly (Mayson x Hilldale)

Mr D. Armstrong

Unnamed Oasis Dream x Lady Clair

2Y-O Bay Filly (Oasis Dream x Lady Clair)

White Rose Racing


2Y-O Bay Colt (Vadamos x Strike A Light)

RJH Ltd & D Stone


6Y-O Bay Gelding (Stimulation x Shohrah)

Mr J Blackburn & Mr A Turton

Form + Entries

Whittle le Woods

3Y-O Bay Colt (Lethal Force x Lady Loch)

David W. Armstrong

Form + Entries

Wor Willie

3Y-O Bay Gelding (Mukhadram x Caterina De Medici)

Mr D Neale

Form + Entries


5Y-O Chesnut Gelding (Dutch Art x Regal Silk)

Mr J Sagar and Dunham Trading Ltd


2Y-O Grey Gelding (El Kabeir x Red Savina)

Mr J Blackburn and Partner